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Wet Glue Labelling Machine


Advantages of Web Glue Labelling Machine

  1. Use Simple Paper Labels, easily available through-out the Country. The Paper Labels are available at Rock-Bottom prices affordable to all Large or Small scale manufacturers, for product decoration.
  2. Sturdy Construction - Ensures Long Life
  3. Gear Driven machine for uninterrupted production, at very low maintenance cost
  4. Available in almost all versions, to suit Partial/Edge to Edge  and  Wrap Round Labelling
  5. Suitable for all types of Vials, Bottles, Jars or Containers, irrespective of their type i.e. Glass, Aluminium, Plastic, PET, HDPE, Tins or even composite containers.
  6. Stripe Glueing Systems available in most varieties, save Glue Consumption up to 40% on each labels
  7. Incorporate Easy & Quick change over system for Labels and Container Size.
  8. All  Wet Glue Labelling Machines  are Time Tested and used throughout India and Abroad, from  the  early years of Product Decoration/Packaging
  9. Compatible to A.C. Variable Frequency Drives
  10. Compatible with On-Line Contact and Ink Jet Coding System

Type of Wet Glue Labelling Machines

Wet Glue Labelling Machine : Application


Wet Glue Labelling Machines are used in various industries such as

  • Food and Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care Products
  • Electronics
  • Health Care
  • Agriculture
  • Pesticides
  • FMCG
  • Distribution, logistics, handling

Wet Glue Labelling Machines are used to print following type of Lables

  • Primary labels
  • Barcode labels
  • Hologram labels 
  • Price labels
  • Security labels
  • Promotional labels
  • Product information labels
  • Plain Paper Labels
  • Sticker labels
  • Pressure Sensitive labels
  • Self Adhesive labels
  • Film Labels
  • BOPP Film Labels
  • Transparent Film Labels
  • Polyester Film Labels
  • Thermal Paper Labels
  • PE Labels (polyethylene)
  • PP Labels (polypropylene)
  • Foil Labels Instruments
  • Equipment labels
  • Instruction labels
  • Test tubes
  • Bar codes for material management
  • Pharmaceutical supplies
  • RFID Labels


Automatic Glue Labelling Machine


Automatic Wet Glue Labelling Machine is used for very long, wide labels and large sized containers. Automatic Wet Glue Labelling Machine is suitable for labeling on Round Bottles, Jars, Tins, Cans, Containers and other round objects. Wet Glue Labelling Machine is capable of Labelling up to 120 units per minute depending on products and label size.


Automatic Glue Labelling Machine requires minimum change parts and change over time for different size of containers and labels. It requires least expensive change parts. Widest range of approx 50 ml. to 1000 ml. Bottle Labelling Capacity.  Automatic Glue Labelling Machine is ideal for Food, Beverages and Pesticide Industries.


Automatic Glue Labelling Machine: Unique Features 

  1. Easy change- over of parts with minimum change over  time
  2. Suits partial as well as complete/overlapped labelling
  3. No container - No label System
  4. Easy label application height adjustment
  5. Machine in stainless steel finish
  6. Glue pump with bucket for uninterrupted glue supply for larger labels

Automatic Glue Labelling Machine: Technical Specifications

  1. Bottle Diameter : Up to 85 mm* for Round Bottles
  2. Label Length: 100 mm to 325 mm Std., 50 mm to 200 mm Machine on request.
  3. Label Height : 25 mm to 155 mm*
  4. Electric Supply : 415 VAC Three Phase (50 Hz)
  5. Compress air : Compress air required for Glue pump
  6. Power: 1.0 H.P.
  7. Speed: Up to 120 Labels per minute depending on Product and Label Size.
  8. Conveyor Height : 830 to 900 mm Adjustable
  9. Overall Dimensions : 1900 mm (L) x 1100 mm (W)  x 1100 mm(H)

* Specification can be changed as per customers requirements


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