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Labelling Machinery Terms | Technical Details for Labelling Requirement

Labelling Machinery Terms

  • Label Applicators: Label Applicators are machines that automatically apply printed labels to products.
  • Label Machines: Label Machine can dispense, print, or apply labels to packages.
  • Labeling Equipment: Labeling Equipment includes the machine which is used to print and apply labels.
  • Labeling Machines: Labelling Machines dispense, print, and apply labels to products.
  • Labeling Systems: Labelling System is used in the packaging process and can print and apply labels to final products.
  • Print-and-apply Models / Semi Automatic Applicators: It prints labels when needed and apply them.
  • Acrylic Adhesive: Utilized with laser labels that is sensitive to pressure derived from high-strength acrylic polymers
  • Adhesion: A bond created when two surfaces come in contact; usually needs at least twenty four hours for ultimate adhesion
  • Applicator: An apparatus that automatically runs labels through and applies them to products
  • Barcode: A binary coding system in optical reading utilizing bars of differing thickness or position in the encoded field; theses codes are printed by machines
  • Cold Temperature Adhesive: An adhesive that bonds to frozen or refrigerated typically colder than thirty five degrees or less
  • Debossing: A procedure that presses an image down into the paper surface; varies from embossing, which produces a raised image.
  • Lift Tab: A label edge not covered with adhesive for ease of removal; the coating of the adhesive used is known as patterned gum
  • Machine Readable: The ability of a label to be read through scanning barcode with a laser scanner or similar apparatus; also known as Scannability
  • Face Cut Label: Square cut or die cut label that does not have waste or matrix between labels removed
  • Fan-Folded Labels: Labels on continual backing that are pressure sensitive and have alternating folds along perforations resulting in a type of flat pack.
  • High Temperature Adhesive: The purpose of this adhesive is for labeling in environments where the heat exposure is to temperatures exceeding four hundred fifty degrees
  • Pattern Gummed Adhesive: Adhesive coating that varies bands of non-adhesive going parallel with the direction of the machine with bands of adhesive; frequently utilized with a lift tab
  • Permanent Adhesive: Typified with a high ultimate adhesion since the label cannot be removed whole, or needs a lot of effort to remove.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: This adhesive is constantly tacky and adheres to a wide range of surfaces it meets in conjunction with hand pressure; the adhesion value determines whether it is removable or permanent as well as the particular surface it bonds too.
  • Release: The process of removing a pressure sensitive label from the carrier or liner; this is interrelated to the degree of tension required to release the label.
  • Removability: The pressure or state that pressure sensitive labels can be detached from a surface
  • Static Cling Labels: This label sticks to a substrate through static electricity without adhesive
  • Web: A continual roll of label stock that differs from sheets that are run through printing presses

Technical Details for Labelling Requirement

  • A: Product Diameter
  • B: Total Product Height
  • C: Label Length
  • D: Label Width
  • E: Label Application Height
  • F: Type of Labelling: Body, Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Angular or Side
  • G: Speed: Products per Minute

Technical details of Label Roll for Sticker Labelling Machine

  • Label Size: Min. width 8 mm and Max. width 90/100/120/140/160/180 mm / Min. Length 15 mm and Max. Unlimited Length
  • Label Space: Appx. 3 mm and more between labels
  • Label Roll: Outer Diameter 300/400 mm Max. & Inner Diameter 75/76 mm
  • Label Roll Winding Direction: As per sketch mentioned in image

Technical details of Paper Labels for Wet Glue Labelling

  • Paper Weight: Min. 50-60 gsm depending on container diameter
  • Paper Structure: The rear surface must have sufficient water absorbing capacity. The rear surface must not be totally glazed, as this prevents water absorption. Adhesives should not penetrate to label front.
  • Labels: At the time of Labelling, the labels must be in a condition under normal atmospheric conditions. Ideally the labels will be flat with a relative air humidity of 60-70%.
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