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How to Find Best Labelling Machinery?


Tips for buying Labeling Machines

While selecting labeling Machines, you need to consider following factors:

  • User Friendly
  • Maintenance
  • Change Parts
  • Power Consumption
  • Down Time
  • Rejection
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Technology
  • After Sales Service

Following are the Advantages of Buying Quality Labeling Machine.

  • User friendly machine increases the efficiency of operator and also create better working experience
  • Labeling Machine with low maintenance increases the life of machine and also saves the valuable time and expenditures of company.
  • Minimum required change parts and change over time helps to increase the productivity.
  • Low Power Consumption of machine helps you to saves valuable power.
  • Minimum Down Time of machine saves man-power, increase the productivity and effecting headache free management.
  • Minimum Rejection percentage creates better image of your company, showing long term indirect saving on your expenses.

Labeling Machines with all above features will definitely increase rate of productivity, result in profit for your company.


Labeling Machine: Operating Requirement

Buying good and modern Labelling equipment that can

  • online speed control with lowest setting points.
  • have online coding options.
  • have better electrical or electronic system  to avoid problem during voltage fluctuations.
  • have easy label placing adjustments.
  • apply the label with ease on your products.
  • easily synchronize.

Low Running Cost with the least operator effort should be your prime concern to get maximum profit.

Labelling Machine: Performance

  • For best Labelling machines, you should check equipment for speed, accuracy and versatility. For the highest performance of the labeler, it is important for you to set realistic production levels.
  • Select labeling equipment that will meet your demand performing at least 85% speed and consistency.
  • In the market many labeling machines available with very high level of function and features that some times creates a hurdle during the production which may not require for labeling application.
  • Many times it happens that only a fully train operator can handle the labeling machine and in the event for any emergency it is very difficult to understand or to operate the machine without the trained operator. Labeling machines must have good features but similarly it must be a user friendly so anyone can use it without going in more detail. Some time higher level of automation also restrict the machine and reduce the productivity / production as it will take more time to set for each products.

Labelling Machine: Technology

The labeling machines and labeling equipments of today can be very versatile. Many of the latest labeling machines come with features that enable the user to choose from many options such as to stop the machine or give alarm or message in the event of

  • Missing Label on Product
  • Missing Label in Roll
  • Label Roll Empty
  • Missing Print or coding on Labels
  • Low Air pressure on coding system
  • wrong Barcode or Pharmacode on labels and many more.

The features of labeling machine are endless and can be customized as per customer’s requirement.


Contact for customized requirement of labelling machines

Labelling Machine: Other Features

When selecting labeling equipment keep in mind, whether online coding is needed? If yes then there are various type of coding system available or offered by labeling machine manufacturer such as

  • Hot Foil Coding system which uses Hot Foil Ribbon and Metal Character to Print
  • Contact Coder uses Rubber Stereos and Liquid Ink to Print
  • Thermal Transfer coder using Thermal Transfer Film or Ribbon
  • Industrial Inkjet Coding using Special type of Ink
  • Reservoir, Make-up etc
  • Inkjet Coder using HP Ink Cartridge like Desktop Inkjet printer Cartridge and Laser Coder.

All the coders have their own specialty for printing on various surface/sub states which also affects the price per print. All this coder also having their limitations as well as advantages when compare to each other in terms of Speed, Running cost and Capability to print on various surface and most important the Area which can be covered or can be print.


Different coders having different limitation for the size or area as some coder can print longer message but they have limitations to print 2, 3 or 4 line maximum and few other coders can not print but they can print in fixed area using any size of metal or rubber character and sizes would be around 20x20mm etc.

  • Other options are also available to print the message offline on label roll using Label Roll Winding Machine.
  • Some Labelling machines are designed to apply labels to specific items or products, while others are designed for use with a wide range of packages, containers, and products. Make sure that the labeling machine is equipped to run the labels that are needed to go on the product, as they come in many different sizes and uses.

Various models of labeling machines are currently available in the market. Using above buying tips you can opt right labelling machine that suit best to your requirement.

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